Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Red Drum


Hidden in my heart
is a giant imagination.

Hidden in that giant imagination
there is a long poem.

Hidden in that long poem
is a tiny baby crying for love.

Hidden in that tiny baby
is a gray clock telling the time.

Hidden in that gray clock
is my joyful life.

Hidden in my joyful life
is my big family.

Hidden in my big family
is my huge heart.

Hidden in my huge heart
is a little red drum keeping me alive.

Arianna B.
3rd Grader
Golightly Educational Center
InsideOut Student
Detroit Public Schools

Thanks to all those who were able to participate or who helped spread the word about the Community Foundation Challenge Fund. It was a terrific show of strength and generosity towards not only InsideOut but to the entire Southeast Michigan Arts Community.

To all of you who make up the BIG FAMILY in the JOYFUL LIFE that is INSIDEOUT, know too that you are the BIG RED DRUM that helps keep us and our song and OUR LONG POEM alive and beating.

And the beat goes on, and on, thanks to you,
Peter Markus

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