Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Wish I'd Written This


I have a river
in my back yard.

The sun is a fish
in the sky.

My dad likes
to catch fish

with his feet.
There is a fish

that likes to jump
on the moon.

At night
the fish creates fire

by hammering
two moon rocks together

with a fishing pole
so he can cook himself up

in the morning
for breakfast.

Javon, 5th Grade
Fitzgerald Elementary
Detroit Public Schools

If you think poems like this one need to be written and heard, I hope you'll consider pitching in on August 18th to keep the river flowing.

Click here to donate to the InsideOut Literary Arts Project and watch your gift grow thanks to the Community Foundation Challenge Grant.

If fishes were wishes, I'd have a bucket filled with gold.

Fish on,
Peter Markus

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